The Tavolo Park Conventicle

The Tavolo Park Conventicle

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Please remember that we will not begin this new schedule until Sunday, 16 April;
see the Church Calendar.

The Assembly at Tavolo Park meets on the Sabbath for a midday service (at “six bells,” 11:00 a.m.) and for an evening service (likewise at “six bells,” 7:00 p.m.);  dinner is offered after the evening service.  Please Contact Us for information, directions, etc.

Sermons at the Tavolo Park Conventicle¹ are delivered in the Puritan tradition and, weather permitting, with our evening service occasionally delivered as a “Sermon Under the Stars”; they are typically given in a series of three (John Calvin preached 159 sermons on the Book of Job) and are heavily footnoted in the hardcopy posted on this website.  They are most often given to instruct and give application to the Word of God; often foreboding, they are above all meant to effect a change in outward behavior by bringing the sinner to conviction and repentance.


Please visit our Sermon Calendar for links to the full list of sermons anticipated to be delivered by Dr. Solín at Tavolo Park through the end of this year—beginning with the series in which he addressed the great controversy that nearly destroyed Rye Chapel, followed by sermons related to his call to our pulpit and to the organization of the chapel, sermons addressing “days of civil religion” and times of trial, and concluding with the Christmas service.  Publication copies of “Ten Sabbaths in the Puritan Pulpit,” the collection of these 30 sermons, will be provided without cost to all members of our Assembly.

Once posted, the sermon title will be highlighted and link to downloadable audio and pdf print files (with footnotes and supplementary material); this sermon will be moved to the archive section when the next sermon is posted.

Any delay in posting will be due to our agreement with the book publisher who requires Dr. Solín’s lessons to be recorded, edited, and publicly available in both book and audio copy (Amazon, etc.) before they may be posted online with free download.

Following this introductory series, the Elders of Rye Chapel have asked Dr. Solín to preach “lectio continua”(verse by verse) through the first eleven chapters of “The Book of Beginnings.”


¹ In the time of the English Puritan, a “conventicle” was an unlawful and secret gathering of the larger Assembly in the form of a “house church,” prohibited by the English government that sought to force everyone to worship either as a Catholic or an Anglican (depending on which group held the throne); emphasizing prayer and the reading and explanation of Scripture with its application to the lives of those present, it was the “small-enough” vehicle by which the Puritan matured in Christian faith and fellowship.