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To the heretics and the unsaved who would not be swayed: in matters of God and religion and church, anything new—"new,” as in criticism that has not been offered and rigorously argued in the last 400 years and criticism that would cause me to rethink my position—would be exciting and certainly welcome. To receive a response, however, you should construct a calm and cogent argument rather than an angry rant about how God does not exist or how your personal interpretation (or dismissal) of the Word of God should rule over the lives of Christians in a nation that was founded as “one nation under God”—because “you don’t like it.” . . . . You are fully entitled to your opinion, of course, but you must be gracious enough to acknowledge the flip side in an environment of meaningful debate. Otherwise, it's just a waste of everyone's time and you look foolish. . . . . We are not here to "argue" about what God says; we're here to "hear" what God says. If you would like to know where the promise or the prohibition appears in Scripture, I would be happy to direct you to the location; but if you wish simply to argue, I'll ask that you and God take it out to the schoolyard.