Registration Form

“Registration” is not “joining the church”; registration is only a matter of allowing us to know you so that we can better serve your needs.

“Registered users” are able to receive church announcements related to our Rye Chapel and Tavolo Park assemblies, receive invitations to our Particular Days of Christian Fellowship and other events, schedule a pastoral visit, make arrangements to receive the ordinances, rites, and covenants, and get the skinny on our “Spurgeon Drive-By” and “Dinner-and-a-Bible” ministries as well as our work at the Noble Correctional Facility, etc.

In addition, your registration will automatically generate a public screen name (e.g., “Lazarus” or “Martha”) and a password (something easy to remember) so that you can post anonymously to “Ask! Anything!” without anyone—not even the staff at First Puritan—knowing who’s doing the asking.

Write down your secret screen name and password because FPA does not keep a record of your login credentials.  But, if you do forget—no problem.  Simply re-register and a new set will be sent by e-mail.

FPA will not share your e-mail address or personal information with anyone.
No one will call unless you specifically request.
Providing this information will help us to understand the age population being served by FPA.
Providing this information will help us to understand the geographic population being served by FPA.